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Prisma has been a really popular editing app and has managed to stand above the multitude of other photo editing apps thanks to one unique feature: The use of neural AI to turn photos into works of art. It was only available on iOS and became wildly popular thanks to this unique take of making your photos look like art paintings which were shared all over social media.

Since it was only available on iOS, questions were asked about the timeframe in which the Android version will be released. Well, the developers had promised that by the end of the month, there will be an Android version. This claim became true recently when they opened a beta release of the app which was immediately popular and was taken down quickly due to the traffic. Well now, the developer, Alexey Moiseenkov has officially announced the release of Prima on the Google Play Store on his Facebook page.

He gave a link to the Android app with the caption “You wanted?” which signals that he had received numerous requests to release the app to the Google Play Store. Wasting no time, I downloaded it and was quickly able to turn a photo of a flower into a painting.

Prisma for Android

It is a rather simple app where when you launch it, it has this black and white theme with a largely camera layout that quickly allows you to take a photo or look for a photo to edit. On the next page, you can see a carousel of filters at the bottom to add to the photo.

The app needs an Internet connection to work so when you select a filter, it will automatically connect with the server that is providing the AI tech that will create the “artistic” effect. The good thing about the app is that it allows you to quickly share your generated photo complete with a “Prisma” watermark to your social networks.

It is great that it has been released on Android way quicker than we thought so iOS fans have to bear with us as Android users will definitely fill their timelines with these kind of photos.

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