Scammers using Kickass Torrent Clone, to Siphon User Data


A few weeks back, US Authorities arrested Artem Vaulting in Poland, over allegations that he operated the popular site Kickass Torrent. The authorities alleged that Artem was responsible for reproducing and distributing copyrighted content worth $1 billion. The US authorities had for the longest time tried to nab him to no avail. Across the world, the arrest led to the seizing of the domain and all other domains related to Kickass, leaving fans across the world disappointed. Fans were out looking for alternatives and soon enough, new sites such as Dx Torrent emerged, which are all clones of

TorrentFreak is now reporting that some of the clones of the site are out to scam and siphon data from users. The domain was initially suspended but was later seized by scammers who are not asking users to sign-up with their financial information to download. Hackread affirms these claims by stating that the original domain implemented two-factor authentication, allowing users to sign up and use the platform but never requested for their financial information. The new site on the other hand asks for user email, password, credit card information and upon which they are redirected to another website and still cannot access content to download.

The new site asks you to open a new free account, which is not necessary.