Google’s Modular Smartphone Experiment is Dead


We’ve all or at least those of us who live, eat and breathe devices, dreamt of a future whereby we don’t have to walk into a shop to buy a new smartphone just so that we could get a new camera, the latest faster processor and the like.

For a while, that dream seemed to be on course to becoming through thanks to an experiment started by Motorola and which Google kept going after it sold off Motorola to Lenovo.

However, a new Reuters report shatters all such dreams. Project Ara, as the modular smartphone experiment spearheaded by Google was known, is on its deathbed and is not expected to bounce back at least with the search giant in the driving seat. Google may, instead, license the technology to third parties willing to take up the project.

Google is in the process of re-aligning all its hardware efforts and the costs and other inconveniences involved in getting separate parts to work in tandem as a complete device did not do Project Ara any favours.


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