Nation Media Group Goes All In on Video by Setting Up Nation Videos Hub

Maybe what they should've done earlier on before sinking money on a swanky new printing press?



Be it news, entertainment content… video has seen massive growth over the last few years. Kenya’s largest media house, Nation Media Group (NMG), wants a piece of the same too.

To position it well going forward, NMG has set up a “Nation Videos Hub”. The Hub is a convergence of all the teams at the media house that have been previously involved in putting out video content on the media house’s various media properties.

According to an email sent to the Nation’s regional staffers by Editor-in-Chief Tom Mshindi dated September 1st, 2016, and seen by Techweez, the Hub team’s mission is to “…do all that is needed to create videos and deliver them through digital means to mobiles, desktops, tablets and smart TVs.” The team is temporarily being led by Anthony Makokha.

In addition to just creating video content for the various platforms, the Hub team will work with Nation journalists and reporters all over the East African region to complement their reporting.

The Nation Videos Hub team will be based on the 4th floor of Nation Centre, the space previously occupied by NMG’s training school, Media Lab.

This move will be interesting to watch going into an election year in Kenya and the kind of response it will elicit from NMG’s competitors some of which have recently doubled their efforts in increasing their digital media presence.

So, are we about to see an AJ+ kind of thing?


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