Ghafla Kenya to Change Tact, Rebrand to General News Site

Samuel Majani - Ghafla

Ghafla Kenya, one of Kenya’s leading blog and a pioneer in the lucrative gossip blogging space is changing focus. The blog which was founded by Samuel Majani and investors 88MPh after pivoting from a lyrics portal changed the landscape of blogs in Kenya bringing them to the forefront of media.

Coming out of nowhere to be one of the leading sites in Kenya, Ghafla influenced how news is told, even by the mainstream media who sought to also start their own gossip verticles to hop on to that bus.

Ghafla Kenya is changing the content style from the controversial gossip to a general news site as information reaching us has it.

Word on the street is that Ghafla Kenya is on an acquisition process. Change of content style is largely expected that after the acquisition the new owners would seek to widen the demographic of the site to beyond gossip seekers to a brand that more advertisers would wish to associate with. This is not the first time Ghafla has changed content style, sometime back the site did too in a bid to tone down on the explicit content that was once published on the site.

Gossip and sex sells, it will be interesting to watch how this new approach will turn out with the legacy that Ghafla Kenya has maintained over the years.