Kenyan App PostCodeFX Seeks to Sanitize Physical Addressing for Ecommerce

postcodefx app

Can you find a building in Nairobi by its physical address like you would in London or New York? The answer is not an absolute yes. For residents of Nairobi who are familiar with many locations in the city it is easy to find places, unlike them, you are bound to go round in circles before you can find your way around the city.

I have personally had a run around locating a building in the central business district of Nairobi, which by standards in Kenya has most of its streets named and label. All the big cities in Kenya, Nairobi, Mombasa, Kisumu and Nakuru have similar problems on seeking buildings locations.

Lately we have had the National government putting the initiative to create a standard addressing system for all locations in the country. That is a great move and we are hoping it will succeed. In the mean time we have to find places and transact on the internet and get goods delivered to our preferred locations.

This is where we come in, a location address if it is well structured and precise, plays a major role in bringing down the cost of logistics to deliver goods and services to customers. Many Kenya online consumers would like the idea of ordering over the telephone, mail order or the internet and gets goods or services delivered at their preferred location, but in many cases it is either expensive or logistically impossible.

As more Kenyans get online and more businesses open online outlets, it has become paramount to be able to deliver goods and services to customers wherever they are. This would involve a customer providing their preferred location address for delivery and billing whereas the merchant providing their location address for returns handling and other customer services requirements.

An address plays a major role in the economy and we have developed a product that would help alleviate the lack of locations address in Kenya. To start with, we developed a postal addressing system that allows everyone to have an address regardless of where they reside. If you have a road, a street, an alleyway near or next to your location you can have a structured address that is precise and follows international standards for postal addressing. We have developed an app called PostCodeFX and is published at Google Play Store.

In PostCodeFX app you will find WapiAddress database system that allows anyone to find or set their business or organisation location address that can be searched by members of the public. WapiAddress has made it easy to find your location address that you can use when filling forms to describe your delivery or billing address.

Address Sample:

Customer Delivery address
22 Jacaranda Lane
Kwa Njenga
NB6 21JL

Merchant Address
1 Lenana Road
NB1 31LR

We are inviting all Kenyans to use the app to set their business or delivery address for couriers to find their locations. PostCodeFX is currently available on Google Play Store.

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Kinyanjui is the lead developer at PostCodeFX, an app and service simplifying physical addressing with postal codes.