How Mobile Gaming Takes the Lead at Driving e-Commerce

mobile gaming

Very few people could’ve predicted the impact that mobile technology would have on us, as individuals and as society as a whole. You don’t have to go anywhere beyond your usual surroundings and environment to notice that. Just turn around and look, you’ll surely see someone holding their mobile phone. Then try to think how many times during a day you’re using your phone.

A study conducted last year showed that people, on average, use their phones 85 times a day. This year that number might be even higher, not to mention the fact that tech geeks and young people in generally, probably use it even more often than that.

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The Mobile Gaming Industry Is Bigger than ever

Mobile phones have featured games for quite a while. But nobody took mobile gaming seriously back then. Even with the development of smartphones, playing games wasn’t among the main things people use their phones for. Fast forward to today and we have a situation where it is expected mobile gaming revenues to exceed PC and console revenues.

  • Mobile games will generate almost $37 billion this year, or about 37% of the total gaming market which is expected to amount to almost $100 billion;
  • The number of smartphone owners is increasing rapidly, especially in developing countries, mostly due to the fact that smartphones are becoming more affordable;
  • Latest smartphones have enhanced graphic performances and better processors that allow development of more exciting and engaging games.

Most Revenues Come from In-Game Purchases

It may seem surprising that mobile gaming is so lucrative if we know that most mobile games are free. Well, they might be free to download, even though some have to be purchased, but most games feature the so called in-game purchases.

If you’re unfamiliar with mobile games, making an in-game purchase refers to the process of spending actual money in order to buy in-game money, points, items or skills for your character. Basically, you spend real money to get in-game resources.

Freemium Games

The concept of getting a game for free, with an opportunity to buy stuff within the game is known as Freemium. The reason why freemium games are so successful is the fact that they are suitable both for people who want to play the game entirely for free and not spend any money and for those who are willing to spend a, usually, small amount of money in order to improve their in-game character.

The most important thing in the process of creating a freemium game is to find the right balance. If everything is available without in-game purchases, nobody would spend any money, if it is impossible to advance without making a purchase, players will be disappointed and they will give up. Studies have shown that even players who didn’t originally intend to make a purchase ended up spending some money after they got too hooked up to the game.

free + premium = freemium

All Mobile Sales Are Online

Furthermore, unlike conventional games which can still be purchased from a shop, with cash, all mobile gaming transactions take place over the internet, through an e-Commerce platform. People can make dozens of small transactions when they are playing freemium games, transactions as small as $1 or perhaps even less and not even feel like they’ve spent any money.

It is quite simple. For instance, let’s assume that a person is playing 4 different freemium mobile games and spends a total of $15 on in-game purchases in the course of one month. That person won’t even feel like they’ve spent any money. But if they are to buy a computer or a console game that costs $10 they’ll be more aware of the fact that they are spending money, especially if they are buying the game form a vendor, using cash.

Mobile game developers and providers have surely realized the potential of the mobile gaming market is huge and that it will only keep on growing. That is why we can expect this industry to be a driving force of e-Commerce in the following period.