Instagram Is Testing Photo Tags Which Will Make Shopping Easier

Watch out Pinterest!



Instagram’s ability to become an ecommerce giant has not been a surprise since it is a very visual platform due to its media centric approach of social networking. The company sure knows this and that is why they have announced a new feature which they call photo tags.

Essentially, what they are trying to do with this feature is to let you obtain more information about a product you see advertised on Instagram. In the current system, you will see an ad on your timeline and when you click on the call to action button, it will open outside Instagram so that you can obtain more information about the product.

In this new system, when you click on an item being advertised, you will see tags on the photo which have links attached to them. When you tap on a tag, you will see more information about the product without necessarily leaving Instagram. This works like Facebook’s Instant Articles where you tap on a post which opens an environment that is still within the app.

The advertisers will be able to add upto 5 tags on different products within the photo which includes their respective prices. If they click “Shop Now”, users will be directed to the product’s website  so that they can go ahead to make a purchase.

This new push by Instagram will be compared to Pinterest’s Buyable Pins where the latter is more advanced since users can buy within the app. However you will expect Instagram to follow suit in this direction as they follow the dream of becoming an e-commerce juggernaut in the future.



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