Report Gives High Rating to Kenya Government Implementation on Key ICT Projects.



In 2007, the Government of Kenya received funding from the World Bank for the implementation of a set of projects aimed at improving ICT access in Kenya. The projects were to be undertaken for a period of 9 years ending December 2016. These projects were to be implemented through the Kenya Transparency & Communications Infrastructure Project (KTCIP). KTCIP was to be executed by the ICT Authority under the Ministry of Information and Communications with the ICT Authority of Kenya spearheading the project.

Today, a report to gauge the progress of these projects was presented by consultants from Infosure Limited. KTCIP was set to implement projects under various themes which included e-government applications, business process outsourcing, local digital content,  local government support, public key  infrastructure and  shared services.

The project achieved the desired results as most of the project activities were implemented as planned. Key ministries and universities are connected, digital villages have been established to increase ICT accessibility to the rural community while data in most government registries digitised and service delivery automated. Among the most visible of these successes include KENET, Pasha villages, Tandaa, IFMIS implementation and E-government applications such as digital registry and Kenya Open Data project have so far been successful.  

The consultants gave the project a 94% rating in terms of implementation, with KENET and digitization of government ministries ranked as the highest performing elements. Pasha was ranked least with a 30% rating in terms of implementation. The project was lauded for helping Kenya’s ICT sector get ready for take-off. Among the challenges faced include the lack of capacity as well as resistance from government.