Netflix’s New Feature Takes Streaming Out Of The Equation


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If you’ve not heard about Netflix, it is an American company that has taken advantage of streaming technology to broadcast TV shows and movies around the world. It has a respectable catalogue which you pay a reasonable amount of money to access and albeit this sounds great, it has had one major problem.

You may be watching a certain TV show or movie on Netflix but the ability to download and watch it later was not there. This meant that you had to stream everytime from where you stopped, which is quite inconveniencing in some situations.

On June this year, it was reported that Netflix would add the ability to watch content offline on the app and now it has been made official by the company.

netflix offline use

If you want to watch your favourite TV show or movie on the Netflix app, you only need to tap on the download button shown above to view the content while offline. This is available on the details page. Netflix says that many of your favourite streaming series are already available for download like Narcos, Orange Is The New Black and The Crown, which are part of its original programming.

This is what I was waiting for the company to implement since they made Netflix available globally. The idea of downloading a show to watch later on will benefit situations like when you are travelling or you were not able to stream at the moment. YouTube also has the feature baked in its app and it is one of the best things about it.

The new feature will be available today on Android and iOS (both smartphones and tablets) so make sure to update your respective apps.

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  1. Guess this would be useful when you are away from a fixed Internet connection. But I wonder what it means for limiting content access to the registered devices or paying users. Does it have limitations on downloads?

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