Monopoly Wants You To Vote If They Should Add Hashtags And Emojis As Game Pieces

We have hit peak internet


Board games used to be one of the many ways for kids and adults alike to spend their leisure time and now it has been replaced by smartphones and the Internet. Monopoly is one of the popular board games owned by Hasbro and it has been in production for the last 80 plus years or so.

One of the key things about Monopoly is that you must choose game pieces which will mirror your progress on the board. There are classic pieces that we have used and loved (battleship, top hat, Scottie dog, thimble, boot, wheelbarrow and cat) which (not suprisingly) brought to light the zeitgeist of the yesteryears. However, we are in 2017 and things have changed now: We don’t use battle ships cannons or horses or wear top hats that much as compared to the 40s, but we use smartphones to send emojis and use hashtags in this age of social media.

Hasbro wants to capitalize on the spirit of the moment where they are inviting the public to choose 8 tokens from the 50 available which includes the current ones and new ones. The new ones include the likes of a penguin, bunny slipper and funny enough, a hashtag, several emoji pieces and the monopoly man emoji piece.

To vote, all you need to do is to visit the voting page where you will be ushered in a virtual house where you will choose the pieces of your choosing. It’s kinda interesting Hasbro has decided to take advantage of the popularity of current pop culture references like hashtags and emojis to be included as pieces and it will make the game more relevant to the current young generation.

The voting will end by the end of this month and Hasbro says they will reveal the results on World Monopoly day on March 19 and the winners will be added by August. I bet the penguin,hashtag and the various emojis will be fan favourites to be added in this latest iteration of Monopoly.

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