The latest refresh of the Infinix Zero line gave us not one but two devices. We have the standard base version, the Infinix Zero 4 and the pro version, the Infinix Zero 4 Plus. Infinix really stepped up their game this year by releasing some pretty solid devices, these two being the best so far.

So, what makes them different? Why would you choose one and ignore the other? What makes either one special? Well that is what I will try to explain in this article. I have used the Zero 4 longer than the Zero 4 plus, and as per my review, it handled quite well. What Infinix did was add to an already great device with the Zero 4 Plus, therefore the difference experience wise isn’t that much.

Other similarities include that they both support 4G connectivity, both come with the now ageing Android marshmallow 6.0 with their custom XOS Chameleon launcher. They also come with fingerprint identification feature plus cool Corning Gorilla Glass protection for the glass display.

But let’s now look at areas where they differ

Display and Size

What is your preference in terms of size? I know of people who love huge gigantic phones. I say it like that because I’m not a big fan of big devices. Anything higher than 5.5 inches is pushing it. Well, either one of these devices can work for what you prefer. The Infinix Zero 4 comes in a respectable 5.5 inches. This fits okay in my hand but like I said, this is the limit for me. On the other hand, the Infinix Zero 4 Plus comes in at 5.98 inches. This is what I call phablet territory. It is also substantially heavier than the Zero 4

Given that they have the same resolution, it is obvious that the display on the smaller Zero 4 is much crisper. It comes with around 440pixels per inch while the bigger Zero 4 Plus comes in at a lower pixel desity count. The difference isn’t big but you can notice the reduced sharpness.

Despite of this fact, they both look and feel exceptional


The Infinix Zero 4 Plus comes with a 20.7MP rear camera as compared to the 16MP rear camera of the Infinix zero 4. They both have 8MP selfie cameras. The higher mega pixel count means that at the core, the Infinix Zero 4 Plus will have clearer pictures. The mechanics are the same therefore, they can both accomplish some amazing shots in the right conditions. Both cameras suffer with noise in night shots but they both give you manual modes to tinker around with and get creative

Hardware and Performance

The Infinix Zero 4 Plus has better hardware specifications compared to the base Zero 4. It comes with a Decacore MT6797 processor with 4GB of RAM compared to the Octacore MT6753 processor with 3GB of RAM. This numbers may not mean much to you while you use it, but they are a good thing. Why? Because both of them are the best Infinix devices I have used in terms of performance. The chip on the Infinix Zero 4 is new from Mediatek and considerably powerful, therefore you can count on it being better than that of the Zero 4. Couple this with 4GB of RAM, the Zero 4 Plus offers a smoother, quicker and more pleasant experience, especially for heavy users

But under no circumstance should you underestimate the Zero 4 either. Like I said, these two provided the best performance of any Infinix I’ve used prior to them.


We have pretty big batteries on both devices. The Zero 4 comes with 3200MAH while the bigger Zero 4 Plus has a massive 4000MAH. These are huge numbers that translate to the performance. I was able to keep a day’s worth of charge on the Zero 4, with moderately high usage, and even more on the Zero 4 Plus. To even better news is that they both support fast charging, dubbed XCHARGE. It is brilliantly implemented here. Within an hour and a half, both batteries are charged to maximum and considering how big they are, that is saying a lot. Of course the Zero 4 Plus will give you better battery performance, therefore you can chose between them depending on the activities you hope to do on it.

The Zero 4 Plus retails at around Kshs 21,000 compared to the retail price of Kshs 18,500 for the standard Zero 4.

Which one would I recommend? Well everyone that I have shown both devices to prefer the Zero 4 Plus, mostly because of its size and it is still pretty much affordable if you were going to spend 18k on the standard Zero 4. For just a few thousand shillings, you get more power, more real estate and more battery, what’s not to like!

I personally would stick to the Zero 4 because it fits almost perfectly in my pocket, but then that’s just me!

Check out the Zero 4 review and if you haven’t subscribed to our YouTube channel, I think you should consider doing so.


  1. I am fixed on the #InfinixZero4Plus mainly because it supports LTE band 28 which my telco operator (Glo NG) uses.
    The bigger battery, higher camera and faster processor come as nice bonuses.

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