Kenyans Feel Shortchanged as Kenya Railway Shares Visuals of New Trains Interior

Kenya Railways' New Train Demo Didn't go as Planned

Via Kenya Railways Facebook page


One of the biggest projects Kenya has ever undertaken is the Standard Gauge Railway (SGR) project which involved building a new railway line and new trains.

For a while now, we have seen the construction of the new railway line which has been pictured and shared all over social media, but the elusive trains were still a mystery. We knew how they would look on the outside, but the inside was still a mystery until yesterday.

Kenya Railways decided to give people a sneak peak of the various classes that you would find in the new SGR trains on their Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Demo of the first class coach of the train

The same demo, but for Kenya Railway’s Twitter audience

More pictures of the first class coach

They also decided to show the 2nd class coach

Well, Kenyans had quite the reaction to the pictures and the videos Kenya Railways had posted and most of them were not positive at all.

Starting with the video of the first class coach on Facebook, people were generally not too impressed about them.

Moving over to the second class coaches (which was later revealed to be the economy class), people were still critical about them.

The sentiment was similar on Twitter and it was a reaction to the first class coaches.

This is a rip off!!!

Kenyans still compared the first class coach to other first class coaches from other countries.


This is normal class in France, this account said

They were compared to buses again