Kenya President Deletes Tweets Inviting Kenyans to do the ‘Dab Challenge’ after Outrage

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Earlier today, President Uhuru’s Twitter account started tweeting about a campaign dubbed the #UhuruDabChallenge. This was a followup to pictures and a video of the President doing the pop culture dance style ‘dabbing’ which was popularized by the American rap group Migos.

There is no evidence that the President actually tweets on his personal account . However, on Wednesday, we saw a tweet where we saw President Uhuru dabbing which is a dance move popularized by an American rap group Migos and was seen as a move to connect with the youth.

Seemingly as a followup to this, today in the afternoon where he implored people to engage on the #UhuruDabChallenge. The challenge was tied with the intention to let youths register as voters as it required people to dab in a registration centre and the person or group with the most likes, loves or retweets would be ‘rewarded’ which included visiting him in State House.

That resulted in a backlash, especially on Twitter where people criticized the President for not looking at the issues at hand.

Well, it seems like the team that runs the President’s Twitter account have deleted the tweets and it did not go unnoticed.

Well, it is back to the drawing board for the President’s social media team as they try to come up with a strategy to implore the youth to register as voters. We have only months now remaining to the General Election and these social media gaffes might pop up once in a while.

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