Nokia 3310 (2017) Among Other Nokia-Branded Devices to be Unveiled at MWC


According to Venture Beat, HMD (the Finnish manufacturer with exclusive rights to the Nokia brand) will announce three brand new handsets: two Android smartphones, and a feature phone. The two android phones will be the Nokia 5 and Nokia 3, while a legend will also be making its way back to the shelves, the Nokia 3310.

The Nokia 5 is expected to feature a 5.2-inch 720p display, 2 GB of RAM, and a 12 MP main camera. It should cost around $200. The Nokia 3, which is supposed to cost around $150, will be an entry-level smartphone. We’re yet to see any specifications of the Nokia 3.

Surprisingly (or not, since the title gave it away), it’s said that the Nokia 3310 will be a “modern version” of the famous Nokia 3310, released way back in 2000. The Nokia 3310 sold over 100 million units, it was known for being extremely durable and reliable, while offering long battery life. There’s no word on the features of this alleged modern take on the Nokia 3310, but we know that the phone might cost around $60.

This new incarnation seems a little pricey, but will surely win over nostalgic former owners, and Nokia fans, who will buy it for use as a second phone or just as a collectible.


  1. I guess Nokia are banking on nostalgia which is the worst possible strategy when it comes to technology. If nostalgia ever worked, BlackBerry would probably be the most profitable phone manufacturer in the world. Nokia should make a very compelling phone with a rock solid camera, fantastic battery life and sell it at cost or at razor thin profit margins (e.g. OnePlus) so as to at least regain mind share among consumers.

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