O for Oreo? Android Boss Drops Hint on Next Version of Android’s Name


It has happened before. We were all duped into believing that Android 4.4 was going to be codenamed Key Lime Pie (and indeed it was, only that that was an internal codename) when it finally rolled out. It turned out to be KitKat. Last year, when we were cautiously expecting Android 7.0 to be codenamed Nutella or something as ridiculous as New York Cheesecake, Google was at it again, trolling us. That turned out to be Nougat.

This year? It’s the year of the big O. So what is that going to be?

For now, Oreo might be a top candidate for the honour as it has already received a leg up from none other than Hiroshi Lockheimer, the man in charge of Android at Google.

We might want to take his words with a pinch of salt, though. He’s known for his tactful baiting and trolling. Oreo or no Oreo, Android O is coming. We just don’t know what it will really be called and that drives us mad.


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