Instagram Has Added A New Feature To Live Video

you can now save live videos on Instagram

Instagram introduced Live Video last year but they rolled it out this year on January to everyone which made it join the ranks of platforms that offer this service to its users. Since then, we have seen interesting content being broadcasted live on Instagram ( like the rap battle between hip hop producers Swizz Beatz and Just Blaze) and there is still more to come.

Live Video on Instagram has some features like the audience size, turning off commenting and the likes, but there is still for the company to add more features. Well, they did and it will help you treasure those live videos that you’ve made.

“Starting today, you’ll have the option to save your live video to your phone at the end of a broadcast,” Instagram says in the post. Previously, when you started a live broadcast, they disappeared from your timeline after you end the broadcast so this will allow you to save these memories.

If you want to save a live broadcast after it ends, click the ‘save’ button which has the characteristic ‘download’ icon at the upper right corner. This will only save the video and not the comments, number of viewers or likes. After you save, tap ‘done’ and the video will be saved on your camera roll.

According to Instagram, these updates have been effected on the iOS and Android apps as version 10.12. If you’re the type of user who uses Live Video on Instagram regularly, this is a neat update for you, which means brace yourself for republished broadcasts on your feed soon.