Smartwatches will Become Even Smarter: Swatch Develop its own Operating System

Smartwatch operating system
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Who among us in their childhood did not dream about a watch with a computer in it? Of course, with all it’s special abilities. Like James Bond’s gadgets, and possibly even better. This future is here. Recently, the leading giants in the industry of digital technologies presented their inventions to the public. And I must admit, at first it was cool.

But a few months have passed and what do we have? Smart watches quickly became unpopular. Yes, the producers kept their promises. Yes, their designs look cool. But what happened to the main component of the smart clock – the built-in computer? Its functionality was very limited, and the battery life is even less. So what is the use of them then? Bragging to friends and co-workers? Well, yes. But to use such watches “to the full extent”, as we dreamed in childhood, is not yet possible.

But the main players in the market of gadgets and high technologies are not going to give up. They see a great potential in a smart watch and we have no reason to distrust them. The first about their plans was told by Swatch. A world-famous Swiss manufacturer is working on a new operating system for smart watches, which will give owners completely different opportunities.

Honestly, the world of high technology has long waited for statements from Swatch. After all, this is a company with more than thirty years of experience, which knows everything about watches. Chances are great that the product of this company is also adorned with your hand. Recently, the management of the Swiss brand has decided to develop its own smart watch, but on the platform of the new operating system. According to experts from Swatch, the current technologies need considerable improvement. This is what they will do. The Swiss promise to give the world a truly smart watch, whose work will be optimized as much as possible and a set of functions will please even the most demanding lover of ultra-modern gadgets.

What are the advantages of Swatch?

Of course, it makes no sense not to trust the promise of such an authoritative player. If in Switzerland they said that soon we will be able to use cool smartwatches, then it will be so. But we still want to know about this a little detail, don`t we?. What is Swatch going to do? Recently on the Internet, there was information that experts in electronics from Switzerland invented the smallest BlueTooth chip in the world.

It works very sparingly, which allows smart watches to use built-in services much longer. Now going online (who knows, suddenly you will need to respond urgently to a message on Russian Dating Bay or Skype) will not consume a large amount of energy. In Swatch, they hope that their invention will allow them to use smart clocks on a single charge for as long as 6 months.


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