Instagram’s New Feature Looks Like Something You Would Do On Pinterest

Instagram wants you to do Pinterest stuff on the app


Instagram has undergone a major metamorphosis after it was bought by the social networking giant, Facebook back in 2012. It has grown from being just a simple photo editing app to a fully fledged network with over 600 million users who use it monthly.

Such a big audience can become bored quickly and that is why Facebook has added features borrowed from other networks like Stories so as to keep this user base interested. Now they have another feature and it looks like they borrowed it from Pinterest.

A while ago, Instagram introduced a way for to privately save posts you see on your timeline. It works like the former favourite (now like button ) on Twitter where you save posts to see them later on. It worked by tapping on the bookmark button on a post which was saved in a new tab on the post, which is cool.

Now Instagram is taking a step further in making this feature more useful to its users by making it sound like it was borrowed from Pinterest. Private collections is the new feature where you will be able to sort your saved posts on Instagram into collections, just like what we’ve seen on Pinterest.

You only need to tap and hold on the bookmark icon underneath a post to save it to a collection, which can be created when you save a post. If you have a bunch of saved posts, you can create a collection of your existing saved posts where you only need to tap on the plus icon at the top right corner, add the name and select the saved posts.

These collections are private and only you can see them. According to Instagram, this feature has proven popular as 46% of Instagram users have saved at least one post so they sure want you to save more with this new feature.

This feature will be available on iOS and Android as part of version 10.16 so check it out.