Features To Look Out For In Windows 10 Fall Creators Update

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Windows 10 Fall Creators Update

Microsoft has been updating Windows 10 unlike the previous Windows versions. We got the November update in 2015, then had the Anniversary update in August last year then recently got the Creators Update this year on April.

I’ve used the Creators update for like a month now, but Microsoft is not yet done with making Windows 10 better every time. Yesterday, they announced the Fall Creators Update which is an iteration to the current Creators Update and it has 6 features to look out for.

Microsoft Fluent Design System

Microsoft showcased their new design system which looks absolutely beautiful. “It will deliver intuitive, harmonious, responsive and inclusive cross device experiences and interactions,” Microsoft says.

 Microsoft Graph

Microsoft is positioning Microsoft Graph as an “intelligent fabric that helps connect dots between people, conversations, projects and contents within Microsoft Cloud.” The want a situation where there is a seamless experience between Windows, iOS and Android devices.

It includes such features like:

  • Timeline where users will be able to jump back in time in a visual timeline which shows what he/she was doing previously and easily hop back.
  • Pick up where you left off using Cortana  across Windows, Android and iOS devices
  • Clipboard will allow you to copy paste things between connected devices, like copying content from desktop to your phone.
  • OneDrive Files on Demand  where you use the cloud to access all of your files without having to download them.

Windows Story Remix

Windows Story Remix will use AI and deep learning to transform your media content into stories. It sounds like HTC’s Zoe where it will combine photos and videos together to create stories that have a soundtrack, theme and also cinematic transitions.  You can also add AR stuff like 3D objects to make it more interesting or draw stuff on them using Windows Ink. Windows Story Remix will also use Microsoft Graph to connect users across devices.

It is built on .NET and will be distributed through the Windows Store as a Universal Windows Application.

Full Universal Windows Platform (UWP) Support on Windows Store

Microsoft will add popular apps to the Windows store like iTunes, AutoDesk SketchBook, SAP Digital Boardroom

Making Windows Home For Developers

Microsoft announced several tools to make sure that Windows and Visual Studio is the best home for all developers:

  • .NET Standard 2.0 for UWP and XAML Standard will come later this year
  • Developers can take advantage of Windows and Microsoft Graph using “Project Rome” for UWP, iOS and Android
  • Using Xamarin Live Players, developers can use build, test and debug iPhone apps from a Windows PC where you only need Visual Studio and the iPhone.
  • Microsoft will now bring Ubuntu to the Windows Store. They are also working with Fedora Linux and SUSE Linux running on the Windows Subsystem for Linux and bring them to the Windows Store. This means Windows will be able to run both Windows apps and Linux apps side-by-side.

Mixed Reality Motion Controllers

Microsoft showed its commitment to “mixed reality” where developers will be able to get a Windows Mixed Reality dev kit. Developers in the US and Canada can pre-order either a HP Windows Mixed Reality Headset Developer Edition which retails for $329 or the $299 Acer one.

They also unveiled what they called  Windows Mixed Reality Motion Controllers that offer “precise and responsive tracking of movement” with no markers required. Acer will sell the headset and controller bundle for $399.

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