Are You One-In-A-Billion Kind of a Person? Vertu Signature Cobra Is Here for You

The Vertu Signature Cobra costs a cool KES 37M

Vertu Signature Cobra

Vertu Signature Cobra

Got some pocket change to the tune of KES 37 million for a secondary mobile device? Terrific. Vertu is here to augment tasty and exquisite lifestyles for you people with oil wells and currency trees in your compounds.

Vertu, a British-based retailer for luxury, handmade mobile phones, has released the Cobra, which is in line with their Signature edition of phones.

So, what makes this handheld special? As its name suggests, the phone has a cobra on its front panel, we kid you not! Well, it is not alive per se, but has a solid placeholder in the name of 439 rubies that have been shaped just like it around the phone’s keypad, in addition to 388 more rubies that are part of the entire phone. The cobra has emerald-eyes, coupled with gold and crystal. We also see your disappointment; this phone has a T9 keypad with a tiny, unspecified screen because luxury does not want to embrace civilization marred by touchscreens devices. Touchscreens phones are so mainstream, right? Lest we forget, it is a dumb/feature phone since it does not run any form of a smartphone OS.

By the way, wouldn’t you pay millions of shillings for a phone that is protected by a cobra – a cobra plated with gold, emerald and shiny crystals?

Vertu Signature Cobra
There is beauty in the Cobra’s unboxing experience.

The Vertu Signature Cobra has been designed by Boucheron, a French jewelry house and is live in China for a lifesavings-emptying (I know…) USD 360,000 or an equivalent of KES 37 million. To knock your socks off, Vertu intends to handcraft 8 units, which will be delivered to clients via helicopter.

There are approximately 7.5 billion people in the world, meaning buyers will unquestionably earn the ‘one in a billion’ moniker. That’s a win, if you ask us.

If the price threatens your lifesavings but do not want to let go of Vertu, you can pick the pocket-friendly Vertu Constellation that retails for USD 8000 or KES 830,000 only.


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