Snapchat’s Snap Map Is A Way To See What Your Friends Are Upto Around The World



Popular social networks have users around the world and this means friends can still communicate and share whatever they are upto and their friends would be able to see and respond.

Snapchat is a popular social network with over 160 million daily active users and they connect friends and family from around the world. Well today, they have decided to launch a feature that would make these connections even closer with Snap Map.

Snap Map will allow users to view Snaps of breaking news, celebrations, sporting events sand much more from across the world. It is quite easy to launch Snap Map. Just go to your camera screen and do a pinch to zoom gesture to view the Map. From there, you can view Snaps that have been shared by your friends from around the world as you pan around the map.

According to Snapchat, there are several privacy settings attached to this feature. You can set your location to be viewed by your friends or a select few of your choosing. You can also decide to make sure no one sees your Snaps on the map by enabling Ghost Mode in the menu.

If you share your location with your friends, they will see your Actionmoji  as Snapchat calls it, on the Map. The feature needs your location access so make sure to activate it while using it.

Sidenote: Snaps that you submit to Snapchat’s Our Story  can still show up on the Map, irregardless of what location setting you chose.

Well this looks like something we have seen on the Twitter owned Periscope  and on Facebook’s Live Video map for desktop. 


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