E-Commerce Firm Kilimall Takes On a B2B Model to Achieve ‘Africa’s Alibaba’ Dream

Kilimall B2B

Kilimall B2B

E-Commerce firm Kilimall has launched a Sino-African Business To Business (B2B) Model that will lay a solid foundation on its pursuit of being the Alibaba of Africa. The online commerce company which has its operations in Kenya, Nigeria and Uganda is set to implement the model that will allow merchants in continental Africa to conduct business with merchants in China without setting foot out of the market place.

In essence, a B2B business model is based on the idea of selling products to an intermediate business that sells the products to the final consumer. Think of it as business that sells office equipment to companies who want to replace old furniture or a wholesaler who places an order from a firm’s website and after receiving the product, distributes it to the final customers at its store(s).

According to TechMoran, the Managing Director of Kilimall International Victor Ma wants clients to know that Kilimall has connections with several companies in Kenya and China to actualize the B2B model.

“You know Kilimall International as one of the biggest online retail companies, but did you know we do direct sourcing for business to business? Yes, we have connection with various factories in Kenya and China and can supply you your monthly or annual purchase with the most affordable prices. We will make the order for you and handle all the logistics including international shipping, clearing and deliver the products to you directly,” he said.

Additionally, he asserts that Kilimall has the muscle to pull this off thanks to its international marketing team and dependable supply chain.

“And I believe we can do some business together between you and Kilimall online shopping mall. We have local and international Marketing team, 10,000 sq Warehouse, fast Logistics, various Products, strong Supply, you can open a shop at Kilimall for selling, Co-branding, any closely cooperation idea you can think.”

Adopting the B2B model goes in line with the company’s objectives (to be Africa’s Alibaba). We believe that the company has figured out a way of differentiating itself from the competition, which may involve offering better support for products, quick deliveries and the capacity to offer multiple options at pocket-friendly prices than the competition.

Kilimall launched its business in Kenya in 2014 and has partnered with merchants selling computers, mobile phones, clothing and shoes, to name a few. By implementing B2B, Kilimall will benefit customers in Kenya who want to do business with other businesses in world’s most populous country and contrariwise.

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