Google Takes on Businesses and Corporates with Chrome Enterprise


Google launched Chrome OS a couple of years ago and the operating system, which has since been embraced by multiple OEMS including Samsung, Acer and HP, to mention a few, is popular among students thanks to its okay performance even on low spec’d machines.

Google built the OS to meet the needs of users who want simple and fast systems. The tech giant has since termed it as one of the most secure operating systems.

Thanks to its wide adoption in different fields (office use as well as customer engagement in retail), Google has announced Chrome Enterprise to meet business needs. According to Google’s research, a determination has been made based on businesses that have forwarded their queries to Google concerning the need for a single platform, which is flexible and cost-effective to keep employees connected. Chrome Enterprise is the answer to these concerns.

Chrome Enterprise has the following key features:

  • Access to enterprise app storefronts
  • Deep security controls
  • 24/7 support
  • Cloud integration
  • On-premise management tools
  • VMware Workspace ONE for management of Chrome devices
  • Microsoft Active Directory
Differences between Chrome OS and Chrome Enterprise

There is no need to worry for businesses that are not ready to use Chrome Enterprise’s cloud-only solutions because the OS is compatible with on-premise systems through Microsoft Active directory.

“The consumerization of the enterprise has left IT managing multiple operating systems on a variety of devices—some provided by the business and others brought in by employees. As Chrome OS continues to gain momentum, our customers are eager to manage these devices consistently along with all other endpoints including mobile devices,” explains Sumit Dhawan, senior vice president and general manager, End-User Computing, VMware.“Using Workspace ONE, our customers will be able to securely manage the lifecycle of Chromebooks along with all their other end points giving them better security and a consistent user experience across all devices.”

Chrome Enterprise will be available for $50 per device annually.