You Can Now Pre-Register For a Samsung Galaxy Note 8 in Kenya

That price....phew

samsung galaxy note 8 pre-register

samsung galaxy note 8 pre-register

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is the company’s latest flagship smartphone from the trailblazing Note line that made big phones cool. Last year’s model, the Galaxy Note 7 made headlines for the wrong reason due to exploding batteries and in this generation, Samsung needed a win and it seems they have one.

The Note 8 was announced last month and it followed the same design philosophy started by the Galaxy S8, with its giant 6.3 inch Infinity Display, the S-Pen that gives the phone its name, the latest powerful silicon from Samsung and Qualcomm and dual cameras that finally ushered Samsung in this new trend.

The phone however was priced quite high in the United States, at $930, Samsung was clearly showing that they want to position it as a premium device that came with an equally premium price tag. We only had to wait and see how much this brand new phone from Samsung would cost in Kenya and Samsung Kenya has finally revealed its pre-registration price.

When you check out Samsung Kenya’s Galaxy Note 8 pre-registration website, they have announced that the Galaxy Note 8 will be priced at a hefty KES 104,999, which is as expensive as it gets for smartphones.

Samsung explicitly says that this is not a pre-order since that would require a 50% deposit of the retail price. When you eventually pre-order the Note 8, you will get a complimentary battery pack, which is cool!

We are yet to confirm when the phone will be launched in Kenya but judging from the Note 8 activation dates that start on 16th of this month, it means that it could be earlier than that.


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