Communications Authority of Kenya Will Revoke Sendy’s International Courier Licence

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Sendy Riders

Communications Authority of Kenya issued a notice that they will revoke a licence of a package delivery startup, Sendy.

In a gazette notice dated on 1st of September, the regulatory body said that they will revoke the International Courier Operator Licence held by Sendy Limited within seven days from the date of the Gazette notice.

Within that time stipulated by the gazette notice, it invites people, companies or county authorities to object the revocation of the licence which should be addressed to the Director General of the C.A. The notice was signed by Francis Wangusi, who is the Director General of the regulatory body.

This is the gazette notice on page 5045 of Vol. CXIX No. 126.

NOTICE is given pursuant to the provisions of the Kenya
Information and Communications Act, that Communications Authority
of Kenya will rcvoke the lntemational Courier Operator Licence held
by Sendy Limited within seven (7) days from the date of this Gazette

Any public or county authority, company, person or body of
persons desirous.of making any representation on or objection to the
revocation of that licence as aforesaid must do so by letter addressed
to: Director-General, Communications Authority of Kenya,CA,
Centre, Waiyaki Way, P.O. Box 14448 00800, Nairobi.

The gazette notice did not give information as to why they decided to revoke Sendy’s International Courier Operator licence.

Sendy was the first beneficiary of Safaricom’s $1 million Spark Venture Fund which had the objective to allow entrepreneurs access financing and mentorship to scale their businesses. Sendy’s network is like Uber’s where a person hails a vehicle to make a delivery for you from a set location to a destination.

[Update] The request to deregister the license was made my Sendy as they consider themselves a technology company as opposed to a logistics company, and thus don’t need the license for their operations.


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