Ethiopian Startup Gebeya Exports Developer Marketplace to the U.K., Opens London Office


Gebeya, a Pan-African software development and training company has opened a brand new marketplace platform in London, U.K. to secure and connect IT experts with organizations, SMEs and entrepreneurs across continental Europe.

The platform, which is based in Ethiopia, was conceptualized to offer legitimate means for professionals to acquire work. To meet this goal, Gebeya trains and incubates various IT experts such as DevOps, API engineers, mobile app developers and back-end system engineers, among other IT professionals. In its existence, Gebeya has been looking forward to expanding to its turf globally, with focus on other professions such as accounting, video production and photography, among others.

While Gebeya’s goals are undoubtedly big, its new London office will focus on enhancing accessibility of software developers in Europe at competitive market rates.

It is safe to say that Gebeya’s expansion to Europe has been motivated by some statistical data. For instance, according to Accenture, the U.K. is in need of about 745,000 additional workers with digital skills in 2017 alone, and that will cost the kingdom’s economy around 63 billion pounds. Also, businesses are hiring more IT staff, with a 10 per cent Y-O-Y growth. Evidently, there is a shortage of digital skills in businesses operating in the U.K., and Gebeya wants to leverage this demand for qualified digital talent by enabling SMEs and organization acquire the best of software developers.

Gebeya was started a year ago in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia with a small batch of employees. In 12 months, the developer’s marketplace has grown threefold with offices in Nairobi, Silicon Valley and now, London.

“We are excited with our success so far but our growth reflects the increased demand for digital talent in the global market. On this regard, we have created a-self-sustainable ecosystem that trains, hires, and incubates the best of African talent so as to produce world class software developers and mitigate the global demand of digital talent,’’ says Amadou Daffe, Co-Founder and CEO at Gebeya.

The platform will connect businesses with talented, certified and multilingual software developers to build innovative products as well as boost efficiency and scalability. To make sure that its services are top-of-the-line, trainees undergo a 6-month practical training to impart software developers with modern technologies that are running on the global digital industry. Upon graduation, these developers are then placed on Gebeya’s platform that has developers who have worked on success projects in regions in operates in.