Samsung Galaxy S8 and Note 8 Latest Update Lets You Disable the Bixby Button


BixbyWhen Samsung announced that they had developed their own digital assistant, we were sceptical and we had valid reasons to be. Samsung is not known for executing software well, they kill it with hardware but software is just not their strength, despite this, the company felt that their digital assistant, Bixby, required a dedicated button to call it on the Galaxy S8 and Note 8.

When the Galaxy S8 was announced, crafty developers over at XDA managed to remap the dedicated Bixby button to launch any other app that the user wished, this loophole was quickly shut down by Samsung and owners of the Samsung flagships had to live with the accidental triggers of the Bixby button.

Well, it seems like Samsung is finally bending to the will of the people. The company has released an update that is said to allow S8 and Note 8 users to disable the Bixby button, to some extent. The update lets users toggle the single press option of the button to either trigger Bixby Home or do nothing. Long press of the button will still summon Bixby voice, but that is something we can all live with.

Courtesy Sammobile

You can still access Bixby home by swiping left from your home screen but if for some reason you miss the accidental triggers, you can always just toggle the button back on from Bixby’s settings menu.

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