Reasons Why You Should Monitor Your Child on Instagram

Monitor children instagram

Monitor children instagramBy Diane Zeller
Instagram is a popular social networking site within the cybernetic world. Its popularity is surely because it’s far very smooth for customers to take snapshots, edit them and share with millions of online subscribers.

Most parents are either unaware or barely understand how Instagram operates. This has created an opportunity for their kids who are on Instagram to act and post stuff that could be incriminating in a long or short run.

Are you on Instagram? If yes, do you follow your child on Instagram? It’s a good idea to be on Instagram especially to know what your child posts, likes and follows. Do they have good friends? How much time do they spend on Instagram? All these are questions every caring parent should be bothered about. Knowing your child’s activities on Instagram helps you in protecting them from the possible dangers on Instagram.

What dangers are children exposed to on Instagram?

Instagram creates an avenue for strangers and bad friends to chat up with your kid. Most pedophiles actually get their victims from social media as they disguise themselves as friends just to deceive naïve kids into meeting up with them and the rest becomes a tragedy.

Some parents might succeed in preventing their kids from following bad friends in school. But unknowingly to them, these kids follow and like bad friends on Instagram. Suddenly, they get to find out that their kids have already been addicted to some bad habits learnt through their friends on Instagram.

We have also had cases of children who had committed suicide due to harassment from either their peers or strangers on Instagram. These people drop negative comments on another child’s wall making him to feel bad about his existence. Some even go as far as telling another kid to commit suicide. This has been the reason for most suicides committed by young people. Would you like to lose your child?  If you don’t then it’s time you started monitoring your kid’s activities on Instagram.

Ways of Protecting Your Child On Instagram

Tell Them About Possible Dangers:

Before letting your child sign up on Instagram, you should tell them of the possible dangers they might encounter. Explain to them the tools that are at they disposal to preserve their privacy on Instagram. You can tell them to always block suspicious people sending messages, follow or leave negative comment on their wall.

You can restrict your child’s access to Instagram by giving them a specific amount of time that they can spend online. For example, in my home my kids always leave their phones in the sitting room before going to bed as they are not allowed to surf the internet all night. Our computers are protected so I can always check their browsing  history. No one visits social media until I permit them to. But when your kids grow older it becomes difficult to restrict them.

Install Monitoring Programs:

There are many monitoring applications and websites that help you monitor your child’s activities on Instagram. Unfortunately, most of these applications either take too long to produce a result or have errors in their results. Among thousands of Instagram monitoring programs there is one unique and accurate result producing program called Snoopreport.

On Snoopreport, monitoring your child’s comments, likes and followers has been so easy. All you have to do is create an account on this website then submit the Instagram username you wish to monitor and then get a report with his actions.

The report with user’s likes and follows made on Instagram

Most parents are unaware of celebrities their kids follow. Did you know that your child can start behaving like the celebrity they follow on Instagram? So if they are following a celebrity that posts nude pictures and videos, you need to know about it and unfollow the person. With Snoopreport programming, we can make this happen without your child knowing.

More about Snoopreport:

After signing up, you get a free trial session that would last for one week. This trial session gives you a picture of how Snoopreport works and how accurate the results are. Ninety nine percent of customers who tested the trial session actually fell in love with it and subscribed for services.

It provides weekly and monthly reports of your child’s likes, comments and followers. If you wish to track more than one child, you don’t need a multiple account. There is an easily accessible dashboard where you can add different Instagram usernames and you would have a single time balance for all the accounts you monitor.

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