Microsoft Launches Kaizala, a Chat App that Targets Local Businesses

Microsoft Kaizala

Microsoft KaizalaEarlier today, Microsoft officially unveiled a mobile productivity app called Kaizala in Kenya for all local organizations. The core design element of the app is based on addressing large group communication as well as work management that no other messaging app has managed to solve before. Generally speaking, the app purposes to make it easy and manageable for companies and business institutions to collaborate on work programmes. This has been achieved with the tool’s offerings on smartphones and desktop support.

The launch was preceded by a pilot test that started sometime in February 2017 where companies such as M-KOPA and Unilever gave it a spin.

“Task workers working on construction sites, or in manufacturing plants, retail shops and other industries, typically don’t have a dedicated work space, computer or even email address. As a result, they generally use pen and paper, or unsafe consumer-messaging apps on their personal phones for work-related communications. This makes it hard for managers to share and collect important information. Kaizala makes it easier and less time consuming for organizations to communicate, assign and track work in real-time, and create reports based on aggregated data,” said Sebuh Haileleuh, Country General Manager for Microsoft East and Southern Africa.

In other words, the product will make it possible for people within and outside a given business entity to communicate in a seamless manner and with rich content. Also, it is optimized to work offline and slower connections such as 2G to boost communication in remote areas.

“Using Microsoft Kaizala, organizations can connect with their employees and the extended value chain. The product offers a simple ad familiar chat interface, but goes beyond to make everyone more productive using Surveys, Polls, Jobs, Meetings and other actions, right in your chat. As we launch Microsoft Kaizala in Kenya, we hope to help connect the complete value chain, including even the unconnected parts of organizations – from small businesses to large enterprises and governments who want to connect with their citiens. Microsoft Kaizal’s vision is to empower every organization and community to achieve more through purposeful chat,” added Rajiv Kumar, Corporate Vice President, Office Product Group, Microsoft.

Kaizala is available for both Android and iOS users. A pro version is also available at a monthly fee.


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