This Chatroom App Is Only Accessible When Your Phone Has Less than 5% Charge


Die with me

Smartphones have limited battery lives and this has been offset over time by the addition of bigger batteries and fast charging. However, we will still experience low battery warnings which could mean you will not be able to use some features and apps.

Low battery situations can be stressful and it often leads to people using the phone less, but this app wants you to make this experience worthwhile.

Die With Me is an app that was launched this week on iOS and Android that is geared to make you take advantage of your phone’s dying moments. It has a chatroom that is only accessible when your battery is less than 5%.

“We wanted to do something positive with a low battery,” the creator of the app, Dries Depoorter told Motherboard. They decided on the concept of a chatroom later on. “And now we see people happy with a low battery having low battery conversations.”

Die With Me
Via Motherboard

The app is kind of interesting. When you go below 5%, you’ll be ushered in a chatroom where you get to chat with other people and see their battery percentages next to their chats. The app asks only for a nickname, which means it is technically an anonymous chartroom with people rambling about anything as you watch their battery percentages plummet.

This looks like a fun app to use but the novelty might wear off after some time on the app. However since most of you have low battery anxiety, you may end up charging your phones soon enough, but it is encouraging to see people thinking outside the box to come up with new social networks.