Raila Odinga’s Twitter Bio Gaffe was the Highlight During His ‘Swearing In’

raila odinga swearing in twitter gaffe

raila odinga swearing in twitter gaffe

In today’s world, you cannot escape the political talk on social networks, which is natural since people use this platforms to talk about their leaders and governance. Political leaders have verified accounts which they use to share their views and which get a lot of traffic from the people they govern.

In Kenya, Raila Odinga is a popular leader and he contested in the highly disputed Kenyan Presidential elections we had last year. He is also quite popular on social media, where for example, he has over 1.6 million followers on Twitter.

Today, his political alliance, NASA (not to be confused with the American agency) decided to hold a gathering at Uhuru Park where they would swear in Raila Odinga as the ‘People’s President.’

As you know, people usually change their bios on their social media pages to show a new position or a job, and for political leaders, they do this when they have a new job. However, in Raila Odinga’s case, this did not go as planned since there was a gaffe that was made during the updating of his Twitter bio.

It started with him declaring that he was the ‘President of the republic of Kenya’However, apparently it seems that the team realized the mistake and decided to write another bio where it showed that he was the leader for NASA.

Since he was ‘sworn in’, it seems that they apparently went back to the drawing board and released yet another Twitter bio (which he has retained since). This new bio claims he is the ‘People’s President’ and was sworn in on 30/1/2018.

Well, gaffes like this are quite embarrassing and updating Twitter bios prematurely can cause more harm than good (especially for a popular person) as now these screenshots will live in the interwebs for years to come.

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