Nigeria’s Firm Garanntor Enters the Crowded Kenyan Web Hosting Market


GaranntorNigeria’s technology firm Garanntor has launched its business in Kenya. The firm offers hosting, as well as accredited domain registration services.

The company was started back in 2016 and stations its infrastructure in the West African state. On the whole, it offers Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) solutions developers, small and medium businesses and corporations. This means that clients will benefit from instant computing products that are provisioned and managed over the Internet. It also means that businesses may avoid the complexities and expenses of acquiring and managing their own physical servers and datacentre tools.

In its 2 years of existence, Garanntor has entered a number of key markets in the U.K., the U.S., Brazil, India and the UAE. Its African operations cover South Africa, Ghana, Nigeria, Egypt, Uganda and now, Kenya.

“As part of our business vision to be the largest Hosting and Infrastructure-as-a Service Company in Africa, it’s only right from a strategic perspective to enter the Eastern African market via Kenya. This is because Kenya is the most developed technological market in the region and has the highest internet penetration rate in East Africa,” explained Garanntor CEO, Olalekan Ajayi.

A quick glance over Garanntor’s Kenyan website reveals interesting products that are purposely been curated to fit the local market. At the same time, the organization says it spent a fortune in deploying infrastructure and local operating charges to allow it stay competitive with attractive pricing.

“We realized as a company that SMBs and entrepreneurs do not have the budget to invest in elaborate and expensive technological infrastructure. We are therefore giving small business owners the chance to adopt emerging advanced technologies without having to make numerous costly purchases, ultimately allowing these small businesses to be more effective and agile in the marketplace and are able to compete with larger companies with larger budgets,” said Mr. Ajayi.

A couple of months ago, the company acquired Bytes Hosting, a division of Bytes & Data Systems, a process that catapulted its hosting portfolio to over 4000 domain names and 3000 shared hosting accounts. It also plans to see more acquisitions in the future to elevate its mandate as a top web hosting company in the region.


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