Innovation in Kenya: Review of Industrial Property Journal February 2018


We regularly review the Industrial Property Journal to identify and highlight key interesting innovations registered by the The Kenya Industrial Property Institute (KIPI), which is a parastatal under the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Cooperatives.

The Industrial Property Journal is the Official Journal of the Kenya Industrial Property Institute. Publication of the Journal is provided for under the Industrial Property Act, 2001 and regulation 7 of the Industrial Property Regulations 2002. The Journal is published monthly by the Institute as part of the procedures for protection of industrial property rights under the Industrial Property Act, No. 3 of 2001 and the Trade Marks Act, Cap 506 of the Laws of Kenya.

Exciting Innovations in Tech

  1. Criminal Evidence Collection System (Elyjoy Muthoni And Evance Onyango Under the Technical University of Kenya (TUK)

Watched the show Wisdom of the Crowd? The Crowdsourcing App that allows regular citizens engage and help fight crime, this is such a system. Well, kind of…

The invention relates to a system for gathering and submitting criminal evidence to the relevant government authorities of law enforcement services. The system comprises a central processing unit consisting of a control server, software application and government central database for a plurality of criminal evidence dataset, mobile communication service provider linked to global positioning system, criminal investigation agency and a user/reporter’s interface.

The system gathers evidence or information and reports on petty crimes comprising burglary, robbery, corruption, hate speech and terrorism within a territory. Also disclosed is a process of registration of the user involving launching the app, input login of personal details, verification, authentication, access to the portal, reporting the crime before logging out of the system at any time and place to the law enforcement agencies including the police.

  1. Electronic Revenue Collection System (Elyjoy Muthoni And Evance Onyango Under the Technical University of Kenya (TUK)

The invention is a computer-based system software comprising plurality of business tax payers on a single database. The system is designed to enable users update their accounts online, monitor tax payments and produce monthly reports in a territory triggered by an app that is able to monitor tax remissions by tax collection agency.

The said system further comprises a strong and secure database such as Oracle, a functional software, background of or, network, database, hardware and mobile service provider. The invention further teaches a method of registration comprising login, making payment, print out and log out and another method involving steps of user’s accesses to the portal and registration by inputting the necessary details including ID number, gender and type of business.

Wouldn’t it be great if KRA used this system instead of Indian – backed TATA’s for iTAX?

  1. Online Hotel Booking System (Elyjoy Muthoni, Evance Onyango and Andrew Barase Under the Technical University of Kenya (TUK)

An online booking system for accommodation and hospitality is disclosed. The invention comprises both mobile and desktop applications that are designed to identify, locate and perform reservation activities of hotels, restaurants and hostels.

The application is mostly dedicated to enable visitors and strangers to easily find a place to stay by utilizing the geo-location capability of the mobile phone. The app said is able to filter the hotels that are close to the client when once accessed and has the capacity to calculate and estimate the distance and time to the place with a link to the hotel’s main site. It gives the directions using the Google map technology and all the details concerning the hotel including the number of rooms available.

The system further comprises central administration section with servers and databases capable of managing and updating the details of their site.

  1. M-Saving System Module (Allan Maimbu)

Imagine if you could save a percentage of your income, have that money invested for you by a bank and get profit out of it? All automatically done, well…

This invention discloses a system for reservation whereby a mobile phone operator willing to subscribe and have 10 percent of their money loaded as airtime be automatically deducted by a mobile service provider in which the mobile service provider will invest with a bank and the money is invested and shall be attracting an interest, to allow the subscriber to make a return of investment without necessarily physically save the amount.

The invention is anchored by mobile airtime saving, telecommunication companies and a financial partner, i.e. a bank and it is automated to have a return investment from the subscriber’s airtime spending. The invention targets market interests of the project to be optimum business investments on commercial market profit realization for the innovator, airtime consumer on partial airtime credit recoveries, airtime market purchase boast for telecommunication partners and deposit mobilization for the financial partners. The market targets for the product are existing or prospective large-scale consumers of airtime including corporate airtime spenders and their staff as well as individual airtime spenders.

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