Ease into the Weekend with These Temporarily Free Photography Apps

Photography apps
Credit: Arts Council

Photography appsIt has been since a while we apprised you of Google Play deals. We had a reason for this: a number of paid apps that were temporarily free were not very good, with poor ratings and no immediate use for most us and by extension, you. Not that we can make the decision for you, but we trust our suggestions apply to a fair share of our readers.

Nevertheless, today’s set of apps that have their usual price tag lifted will make folks who adore photography very happy. So, here is the list:

BlackCam Pro – B&W Camera

Most of modern smartphone cameras are equipped with a bunch of settings, filters and other features to play around with. For instance, the B/W filter is insanely popular if my Instagram feed is anything to go by. The popularity of monochrome pictures has also made phone manufacturers such as Huawei include a dedicated black and white sensor on its high-end P and Mate line of devices to purposely take solid B/W photos.

Unfortunately, using a B/W filter does not always produce the best results, which is why this app comes in handy for the demographic that love better-looking B/W portraits.

Without the deal, the app usually costs KES 200.

Gif Me! Camera Pro

When it has a price slapped on it, this gif-making app costs KES 200.

Since most smartphone cameras are yet to integrate a gif button in their feature set, this app comes is instrumental in making looping videos of you or people around you. However, if your gif-making habits are limited to Instagram or Snapchat sharing, you can forgo this tool as the two picture-sharing platforms have solid, in-built equivalents.

GIF PartPro – GIF Video Booth

If the preceding app does not appeal to you, this one does the same thing too – but with a different interface.

InstaCam Pro – Camera Selfie

This app is packed to the brim with real-time filters, multiple layout photo booth and vignette options that target to make your selfies as ‘professional’ as possible.

Resize Me! Pro – Photo & Picture Resizer

As its name suggests, this app allows users to resize their pics. Often, using inbuilt resizers strips pics of their EXIF data. This app keeps EXIF tags and GPS information too.


Typlt Pro – Watermark, Logo& Text on Photos

Want to bar picture thieves from using your images as their own? Need to add a description to a picture before posting it on the internet? This app does just that.

In conclusion, paid apps are useful because they never interrupt usage with ads, and often include additional features that are unavailable in their free equivalents. So grab them while they are still free.


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