Microsoft to Host a Mauritius-Based Cloud-Honing Expo in May

MS Cloud Society

MS Cloud SocietyRedmond-based tech giant Microsoft, which also happens to be the custodian of several programs such as the Cloud Society, will, as of May 9, host the 3-day event in Mauritius.

The program purposes to engage and support talented, world-class experts in sharpening their cloud-computing skills by imparting them with a deeper understanding of Microsoft Azure products in the process of building next-gen systems and solutions for the cloud.

The program will also feature a hands-on experience with key and disruptive technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI) and blockchain. Attendants will also have a chance to interact with members from different parts of the world in team building activities.

Speaking during the announcement of the program, Microsoft East Africa General Manager Mr. Sebuh Haileleul highlighted the impact of the camp to society as the corporation targets to drive cloud-based skills to greater heights.

“While we thrive to produce innovative, disruptive products and technologies, it is important to continue to deliver our commitment through building each other’s areas of interest and passion and that is our aim in this year’s cloud camp. We take pride as a corporation in availing such opportunities to individuals here in East Africa and it is indeed in other countries around the world. We work closely with technology partners and IT experts throughout the Middle East and Africa, to facilitate training and increasing employability across many sectors. Microsoft’s Cloud Society initiative will help people in the region build marketable skills, readying them for the digital jobs of the future,” said Sebuh Haileleul.

This year’s installment will be attended by participants from the Middle East and Africa, including South Africa, UAE, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Israel, North Africa and the Mediterranean and Pakistan and Central and Sub Saharan Africa.

Interested parties can register for a paid slot to Mauritius on this website.

It is also worth noting that applicants will need to finish at least one course that’s relevant to their interest.

Additional requirements include uploading the completion certificate on their LinkedIn profiles, echoed by a #CSMauritius hashtag and a 100-word piece that highlights the importance of the course in their field. Parties that will receive the highest number of engagements will be announced on April 19.