Food Making Robots are the Future of the Industry


pizzaRobots making and delivering food sounds almost unreal to many people. However, they are real. One good example of how food-making robots are changing the world of food delivery is Zume Pizzas robots. Pizza dough flipping and delivery is about to change for the better with the introduction of pizza making robots. All this is from the innovation of a Silicon Valley company Zume Pizza.

Zume Pizza’s fully automated process of making pizza, will ensure that clients get their pizza within shorter periods and while they are still hot. For anyone living within the vicinity of Mountain View California, you could have your pizza delivered within 5 minutes after ordering.

The robots make all the pizzas at Zume. The only human touch required is for the toppings. The new robot, known as the doughbot does everything from kneading the dough, spreading the sauce on it and lifting the pizza to the oven.

Why this technology is winning hearts

The introduction of robots in businesses does not only make every work easier but it also generates more income for businesses. The Zume Pizza robot, which employs the use of a robotic arm, can make more pizzas than the company ever made before in a day. In an hour, the robot can make more than 350 pizzas. The robot will also make sure that delivery of same number of pizzas is within the shortest time possible.

The reduction of dwell time is another factor that saves a lot of time for both the business and the clients. While in the past, clients waited for several minutes for pizza to bake and get to their places, now Zume has special delivery trucks where pizza cooks on the way to your destination. This way, you get your pizzas still hot and very fresh.

The robots, which use very high artificial intelligence, can detect the fastest going pizzas. They can also detect and analyze the locations that are popular with the different kinds of pizzas at particular times. With this, the company can have the delivery trucks preloaded ready to take orders and deliver within the shortest times possible.

In addition to the special delivery trucks, Zume also has special delivery scooters, which will complement the delivery trucks. In case a customer wants a pizza which is not in the preloaded order, then the scooter can have the same pizza done in a couple of minutes and delivered within 5 minutes after its ready.

Why the food industry will change for the better with the introduction of robots

Introducing robots in the food industry will boost the market and see the sprawling up of new startups. Many food industries from across the globe are using robots to make deliveries easier and faster. Starships Industries in Estonia for instance have rolling robots that deliver food to post mates and in future, the company is looking forward to offer other courier services besides food.

While some people might think that introducing robots to take over from them might bring in redundancy and loss of livelihood, the opposite is the truth. With more robots doing the work previously done by human, the standards of living get higher and Productivity increases. Efficiency due to the innovation also gets better.

With the onset of robotics, the cost of production goes down. This will help many companies cut down on unnecessary costs and use the extra money to revamp their companies. The drones and robots will still need the humans to facilitate their adoption to all the situations so people will still work alongside them. This task however targets engineers more than the other people. Training human staff to carry out jobs in many companies is much more expensive than the same companies spending on robotics are. Considering that the cost of most robotics has gone down over the years, it is only wise that many companies would choose to take this up than hire personnel.

With the help of a universal robot, it is easy for you take control of your business. If you want to change and add value to your food industry today, a universal robot can make that happen for you. You no longer have to worry about your business going down due to injuries or downtimes.