Jani Faiba4G

Jani Faiba4GEver since Faiba4G was launched, it positioned itself as a telco with a focus on offering affordable mobile data to consumers. A move that was welcomed by the market, since it would increase competition and thus push data prices further down.

However, the process of purchasing airtime and mobile data on Faiba4G has not been a simple one, compared to the other players in the market, personally, I have not come across a Faiba4G scratch card, I have had to use M-Pesa to top-up my line.

The biggest challenge is that Faiba runs on the rare 700MHz frequency, which means that a majority of Kenyans are not able to access the network on their current devices and for those who can, their devices only access data services but not other mobile services which made it harder for the consumer to purchase data bundles via USSD.

One company, Jani Talk, realized this problem and have developed a solution in the form of an Android App that is meant to make it easier for Faiba4G customers to purchase airtime and mobile data through M-Pesa. The app, going by the name Jani Faiba4G, has integrated M-Pesa Xpress, making it easier to use the app compared to JTL’s own Faiba App that will have you memorizing PayBill numbers.

Setting up Jani Faiba4G will require you to submit a username, Faiba4G phone number, M-Pesa phone number, email address and a password. The app will display your airtime balance, data balance as well as allowing you to make airtime and data purchases via M-Pesa.

Jani Faiba4G Interface

Unlike JTL’s Faiba app that has other payment options such as Equitel and Eazzy Banking, Jani’s app only has an M-Pesa option. However, it is delightful to see third-party services providing solutions that ease the process of managing Faiba4G lines, especially for MiFi users.

Download Jani Faiba4G on Google Play Store.


  1. Great app. Worked seamless. But I’m not sure if the bundle balance works. Hope they improve on it.

  2. Just to use this, you have to submit:
    1. username.
    2. Two, yes TWO telephone numbers.
    3. email address.

    In 2018 and to a company that is hardly known, that says nothing about how such data is stored. No please. Kenyans must be educated about the data that they give out to some of these apps.

    • One of the number is your Faiba number and the next mpesa number. You need mpesa to top up your Faiba line. The only issue here is the email address.

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