How To Deal With DRF File Extension

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This is a helpful information for people who do not know how to open, convert, or edit DRF file extensions. DRF files are VIZ Render files. DRF is the shortcut for Discreet Render Format. DRF is a special and widely used file format which is created using VIZ Render application. This application is bundled with a common architectural software AutoCAD.

It is not rare that DRF files can be Dynojet Run files. Usually, such files store the information about various kinds of vehicles from a general diagnostics tests. These files store the following information: a model data, pressure, temperature, and so on. DRF file extension is used by Delphi Resources files as well. When IT specialists build any kind of new software in the application Delphi, they use DRF files a lot. DRF file extension is used as a file called “Document Reference File” with the software “Hummingbird DOCS Open” or as “Kodak Raw” image files.

The way to open files with DRF extension

If you know that your DRF file is VIZ Render file, you can open it using “Autodesk’s 3ds Max”. Once, your file has been successfully opened, it is recommended to save it to any other format, for example, MAX instead of keeping it in DRF file extension. You can also open your files with DRF file extension with the help of the software known as “Dynojet’s WinPEP” (before it was called “Dyno Run Viewer”). If you work with files “Delphi Resource”, they can be opened with “Embarcadero’s Delphi”. DRF files which are associated with “Hummingbird DOCS Open”, should be opened with such programs as “OpenText”. Before using this application, you should check whether its specifics use DRF files. As for “Kodak Raw Image Files” which usually end in the extension DRF, they are supported by exactly the same programs which were mentions just before.

All these programs are efficient, but some DRF file extension may refuse to be opened. If they require a different program and you do not know which one, you should check additional suggestions at Wikiext. Anyways, you should always make sure that you do not confuse DRF file extensions with any other similar file extension. For example, some PC users confuse RFD and DWF with DRF files, which are completely different and they require different programs for opening and editing.

Converting DRF file extensions

There are several circumstances when DRF file extension should be used. In order to convert your file, you should have a clear understanding of the current format you use right now. The most common way to convert your file is to go to “File” and press “Save As”. Alternatively, you can use the menu “Export” and convert your file there.

You can use the program “3ds Max” for converting DRF to DXF/DWG/PDF/JPG via saving or exporting options. There many efficient tools for converting DRF file extension at windows10portal and filehippo. Do not forget about online tools for converting any kind of file extensions which are available now in a big quantity.

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