SysAid Help Desk Software: Problem Solving and Asset Management at Its Finest

Computing desk
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Regardless of your industry, the computer runs your world. From accounting spreadsheets to inventory categories, your business cannot operate without computers interlinked with each other. What happens when one or more computers go down? In my experience, pandemonium seems to set in after about 10 minutes.

Managing IT issues and assets can be a simple process with the latest software. SysAid offers a proven IT Service Management (ITSM) software package, which is often simply referred to as a Help Desk. With both advantages and disadvantages to this software, SysAid’s help desk still rises above the rest as a reliable product that deserves some attention.

Integrating Several Functions into One Product

When you try out IT-management software, you end up in the world of modules. Connecting these modules takes time and money. With SysAid’s help desk, you gain a handful of useful modules in one software purchase. They’re all interconnected so they can make sense as a combined group.

Problem-ticket generation, remote access, asset management and many more features are part of one package. There’s no need to research which module is best for you. There are certainly add-on features besides the main package, but most companies will thrive with SysAid’s help desk as a single purchase.

Managing Assets Is a Breeze

A major part of a help desk / service desk at any company is managing the physical assets in the building. You have a mixture of servers, printers, desktops, mobile devices and dozens of other devices. Managing their maintenance and monitoring assets is a nightmare for most software products. SysAid’s help desk is different.

Click on SysAid’s ‘asset management’ tab to reveal an easy-to-read grid. Group the items by department, use or other method. Each asset has incredible detail as you click on each line item. You’ll know when to toss, repair or update an asset with just a quick glance.

What Is Connected to the Network?

This question is the dilemma of every IT professional. It’s solved with SysAid’s software package, however. From the moment that a device accesses your network, it appears on the main page. Keyboards, printers, fax machines and countless other items are identified within milliseconds. In this modern age of hacking computers, knowing who or what is connected to your network is priceless.

A perk that’s not seen with other packages is mobile-device detection. Any handheld device that locks into your network will appear in the same manner as stationary items in the office. Manage every device from one screen with ease.

Pricing Can Vary

If you’re looking for a versatile package, SysAid has a solution in this complicated industry. In essence, you choose the price that you want on this IT package. Choose between fixed platforms that serve either 500 or 1,000 assets. When you have a more complex arrangement, custom pricing is always available.

Most IT managers are thrilled with the trial period. Try out nearly every module to make sure it’s right for you. There’s even a choice between SysAid’s basic and full editions so that no one is overwhelmed with modules that don’t apply to them.

Save Server Space or Work on the Cloud?

Remember the days of installing stacks of CD-ROMs for any software trial or installation? SysAid gives you a break with either an on-site download or cloud access. In my opinion, using SysAid Cloud or SaaS is the best way to experience this package. Your server is free to support other data instead of the IT department’s vast data collection.

If you’d rather save the software on a nearby computer, SysAid On-Premise is your downloading option. Be ready to have a lot of free disc space to cover the download though. Up to 32GB is necessary for free-flowing data.

Bonding With End Users Is a Plus

The human element is oftentimes lacking when it comes to software packages. SysAid prioritizes your workers by including a Knowledge Base. Employees add helpful tidbits to this module where users can quickly find answers to their common questions.

As problems arise with one user, that information can be available to other workers. There’s no need to create another problem ticket because the end user has a chance to rectify the issue. As a result, the IT department bonds with users for a more cohesive operation.

Is the Help Desk at Lunch?

Another way to empower the workforce is by offering a self-help feature in your IT department. SysAid offers this feature that allows users to change their password and other basic functions. Your IT department can focus on more important items than retrieving a forgotten password.

Is someone looking for an update on their problem ticket? The status is in the self-help module. Productivity and efficiency has never been so clearly improved than with SysAid.

Software Updates Simplified

Are you updating the server with new software? This simple task turns into a nightmare if you don’t have a good grasp of the software types associated with each connected device on the network. On one screen, however, you’ll know who has the latest or oldest software versions on their tablet, desktop or other devices with SysAid.

To make your business run smoother than ever, skip any step-by-step instructions on the Help Desk. There are far too many features. SysAid offers tutorials on their products, which makes the learning curve much easier for everyone in the office. Keep up with the flow of business today — try SysAid’s help desk 30-day free trial and see for yourself how your organization can revolutionize your IT. And ultimately make your life easier.