Instagram Might Ditch 1 Minute Videos For Longer Ones

Why though

instagram longer video possible

Instagram is mainly a photo sharing community but it’s over 800 million users can also post videos as 1 minute snippets on the feed and 15 seconds on Stories. It seems they are about to change this around thanks to a report by WSJ.

The publication reports that anonymous sources with knowledge about the matter say that Instagram is planning to ditch the 1 minute limit for video for way longer videos with an hour long limit.

“This feature which could allow videos of upto an hour in length will focus on vertical video, or video that is taller than its wide,” a person told the publication. Apparently according to these sources, these plans are subject to change.

Apparently, Instagram had conversations with content creators about producing long form video on its platform and if they go ahead with launching the long form video feature, they would do it within the app.

Facebook has always been big on video and they have extensively made strides to make it a thing on the main app. Instagram seems like a natural place to have a robust video platform and there a lot of creators over there that can make it work.

However, the one hour limit also creeps to YouTube and Vimeo territory, which has become a favourite for content creators like indie filmmakers, vloggers and the likes. Instagram also needs to revamp the video interface for this to work by adding more controls like choosing resolution, rewind, subtitles and more for them to compete with YouTube and Vimeo.