Top 5 Women in Tech Programs in Kenya

women in tech

Simple statistics show 4 out of 8 girls drop their STEM courses for the rather deemed more “feminine” degrees while rest 95% who opt to continue with these degrees pursue them with no or less interest to just get done with.

Despite the fact that this gender gap in STEM careers has been created over time, women thriving in these industries are continually mentoring, inspiring and motivating young women willing to take these careers for two main reasons:

a) To curb a shift in careers.

b) To inspire more girls to join STEM careers.

Here are top 5 tech communities by women.

  1. Safaricom Women In Tech.

A program run by Women in Technology division, their various initiatives target mentoring young women by providing them with opportunities that are geared towards advancing them from classrooms to boardroom. These initiatives include technovation challenge, technology academy, high school and campus outreach and kids go Tech.

2. Akirachix.

As a non profit organization , founded in 2010 whose aim was to bridge the gap in the tech industry by providing skills and mentor-ship for ladies in less privileged areas and at different levels, its goal is being a leading women in tech impacting technology in Africa.

3. Kamilimu.

A computer science community founded by Dr. Chao Mbogo, Kami limu offers a 6 month mentorship program to computers science students from Kenyan universities to prepare them with ICT skills to make them market ready. Here 50% of the mentees are female.

4.Africa Women In tech-Kenya.

Being a product of IBOM LLC, Africa Women in Tech (AWIT) was born out of desire to educate and create opportunities for African women in tech who wish to advance in their careers. They host events across Africa, where women can interact, share and create connections.

5.Women Tech Makers.

Google in partnership with women tech makers has continued to increase the participation of women in technology events at annual conferences for developers and technologists. Their main aim is provisions of visibility, create communities and provide resources for women in technology.


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