Logo Generators vs Graphics Designers

graphic designers

There are a number of tasks in both commercial and non-commercial sectors that are now being delegated to robots and advanced technologies like Artificial Intelligence. Graphics design, especially logo designing is one of them.

For a long time, businesses had to approach brick and mortar graphics design studios to get creative and attractive company logos. However, this wasn’t an option for the small online businesses which didn’t have enough resources and/or budget to even consider this option. Thus, several tech companies have recently launched new-age logo generators to bridge this gap.

With a variety of logo generator platforms and services just a few clicks away, the question must be asked- are graphics designers not that relevant as they used to be? What is the future of designing and what will be the designer of 2025 look like? Furthermore, what are the pros and cons of both options- logo generators and graphics designers today?

Let’s take a look at the various aspects of both options one by one:

  1. Cost

Cost is perhaps the biggest difference between a logo software and a logo designer. While most of the advanced logo generators such as the AI-powered Tailor Brands will cost you less than $20, taking the services of a professional logo designer will easily set you back by $200 or more. If you want premium services, then the cost can be as high as a few thousand bucks!

2. Turnaround Time

Manual designing is a labor and time-intensive process. There is no shortcut to that. A graphics designer will need time to understand your requirements, then a lot of more time in coming up with a few logos that meet the requirements, and then some more to make the changes asked by you such as using the psychology of color to increase website conversions, adding a personality to the design, etc. Usually, there are many such revisions, which means a lot of time is wasted in the process.

Creating a logo with a software is relatively a lot easier and simpler. This is because a software can understand and process your requirements faster than a human. Plus, the results are generated in real time. So, once the logo is created, you can see it almost immediately and then if you like, you can make changes to its design too during the same session. Thus, you can get the final product within a few minutes and no more than an hour.

  1. Convenience

When it comes to comfort and convenience, then once again, logo software gets the points. The reasons are simple- they are available for you 24/7, accessible from the comfort of your house, and quite intuitive to use too.

Logo software are especially ideal when you need rebranding or temporary logo modifications. Many brands change their logo over time, such as Instagram changed its iconic logo and also for its apps just a few years ago. The reason behind it is that trends change over time, and you must keep up with what’s hot and happening. Plus, customizing your logos in accordance with your current marketing strategies or promotional offers, or festive seasons like Christmas or Halloween, etc. can have a greater impact on your target demographic.

Rebranding or customizing your company logo with the help of a graphics designer can put a big dent in your cashflow and is highly inconvenient. However, the same can be done easily with a logo software especially if you have invested in a subscription model.

4. Creativity

Of all the living organisms on Earth, only humans have the capacity to be creative. We created music, prose and poetry, art, theatre, and many such powerful mediums that help channelize our emotions and serve as an outlet for our creativity. No form of technology, no matter how advanced or disruptive can compare to the “human touch”. Thus, if you seek the most creative and “out of the world” graphics designs and logos, then you will find them only with human graphics designers.


Both logo software and graphics designers have their advantages and disadvantages. Overall, the former is a good choice for SMEs and budding entrepreneurs. However, big businesses for which budget isn’t a problem, creative graphics designers that can create exemplary logos fit the bill.