Samsung Galaxy Note 10

Samsung Galaxy Note 9It’s that time of the year where those with healthy wallets get to walk into Samsung shops and walk away with their brand new Galaxy smartphones. The latest, Galaxy Note 9 brings to the table the usual that we have come to expect from Samsung and tops it all up with new features to give you a reason to go for the eight over the nine.

Top of the list, we get a new S-Pen that has Bluetooth capability, turning the once gimmicky “look I got a Note” party trick into a useful remote control for even more “look I got a Note” party tricks, especially when you pair it with DeX and use the pen as a clicker to control your powerpoint presentation.

Speaking of DeX, those who pre-order the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 from August 17, will receive a DeX HDMI cable that will allow users to transform their Smartphones into desktops by simply connecting to a TV or larger display. DeX has come a long way, from being a bulky accessory that required effort to carry around, to the flat pad that didn’t look that great to a simple cable that anyone can carry around easily.

Samsung DeX

On top of the DeX HDMI cable, pre-order customers will also get a wireless charger and a tripod stand that will let you enjoy taking remote selfies using the S-Pen.

If money no object, you can walk into any Samsung Experience store, Safaricom Shop, Phonelink or any other authorized Samsung dealer and part with Kes.104,000 and wait to get your Galaxy Note 9 as from August 24th.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 will be available in MidnightBlack, Ocean Blue with a Yellow S Pen and the new Metallic Copper with matching S Pen – Pick the Ocean Blue one.

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