Kobi Kihara’s Instagram Lives in Stolen Photos and Filters

Fake it till you make it I guess

kobi kihara caught stealing photos

In this age of social media, it has made people to easily share what they are doing to the world and sometimes , it can make people to get a little bit carried away with the vanity. People can post photos of what they are doing and sometimes may end up downloading photos and uploading them on social sites.

However, when you download photos and make it seem that they are yours, that becomes a problem and it is quite easy nowadays to verify. On Chrome, you only need to right click on the photo and search for the image and if it is a downloaded photo, you’ll be able to see it from the Search results.

That is what Kenyans did to a media personality, Kobi Kihara. People found out that she was passing off edited photos on her Instagram page as her own, yet they were actually downloaded from the Internet.

Like the feet she posted on Instagram were from an Instagram account (@simmishoes) and the feet were darker

That was not the only photo she lifted and edited from the @simmishoes Instagram account

And another one…still from the same Instagram account

This even extended to food pics on her Instagram, where she was caught stealing a photo and passing off the recipe as her own.


That behaviour even extended to stealing photos for an airport tagged post on Instagram

This tweet shows her stealing a bunch of photos as her own…from shoes to burgers to heels. Amazing

That was not all, she even stole other people’s tweets.

Worst of all, she stole a baby. A baby photo guys.

Well fake it till you make it I guess.


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