Twitter Makes Fun of Theresa May Awkwardly Dancing Around Africa

Slick moves


Whenever heads of state arrive in Africa, they are usually greeted with a troupe of dancers and singers who entertain the host. In order to show appreciation to the gracious hosts and entertainers, they usually dance to the traditional tunes that are being played and this can go awry since they are being filmed by a gang of journalists.

United Kingdom’s Prime Minister, Theresa May is in the continent and she has been visiting a number of countries, including Kenya. As the tradition is in Africa, she was greeted with song and dance by various groups and in the spirit of the moment, May decided to dance.

Clearly this is not one of her greatest talents and since we are in the age of social media, videos of her dancing awkwardly have surfaced on Twitter and people are shocked by them.

Starting off in Kenya when Theresa May visited Kenya on 30th of August. In this video by Newsweek, you’ll see her awkwardly dancing with Kenyan scouts. That dancing is so weird.

When Theresa was in South Africa, she decided to drop another new dancing style, which is still as odd as the one she made in Kenya.

When people saw the videos, the comments were immediate

It was creepy

This one wanted to edit the videos

Oh wait, there is someone who think it is sweet

This account things what she was doing was the best thing she has done in ages

The funniest part is when people started adding background music of songs that are appropriate for May’s dancing

Dancing to Gucci Gang


Dancing to Lady Gaga 

It became weird fast 

Of course Toto’s Africa had to be used 

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