An 8 Year Old Social Network You Probably Forgot is Being Shut Down Soon

Path is shutting down

path shutting down soon

We are now in a weird plateau where we have probably signed with the most popular social networks since 2005 and over time, we get to see some of them die off. It is a rough time out there for older social networks that failed to get traction since you find most people focusing all their energies on other bigger platforms.

This looks like it is the case for this social network that you might have forgotten about or it is news for the younger audience. Today, Path announced that they will stop supporting their service, culminating its 8 year existence in a sad fashion.

They have a schedule and all during this transitional period for current Path users. You will not be able to download or update the app on iTunes or Google Play from 1st October. Path users won’t be able to access Path from the 18th of October (termination of service) and finally on the 15th of November, Path related customer service will be closed.

To the ardent fans of Path out there, the company has provided a way for you to retrieve a copy of your data. You only need to visit, login with your Path account and click the button and enter the email address that you wish to receive the backup files. You can also do this by going within settings in your Path app and add the email address, but make sure you have the latest version of the app. You’ll also not be able to access the backup service after 18th next month.

It is kind of sad Path is shutting down, but judging from the current trend, it is not a surprise. This year we saw StumpleUpon shutting down after 16 years of service and I’m still not over Vine shutting down after almost two years.


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