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Running a blog may seem like an easy way of getting people’s attention, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, many beginners don’t know what to do to get traffic, as they have no idea how traffic and SEO work. To help such aspiring bloggers, we have prepared this article full of tips on how to promote your blog for free online.

What Should Your Blog Look Like to Attract Traffic?

The first thing users notice when they visit your blog is visual design. Images, videos, infographics – all of this should be used to catch the visitor’s eye. The visual part of your blog is as important for attracting traffic as its content. You can use several visual elements in your blog:

  •    Images. By attaching appropriate images to your posts, you will make them more readable and interesting to users. A blog with some images will always look better than one with just a wall of text.
  •    Infographics. People on the Internet love statistics. With infographics, your blog will look more substantial and serious. Infographics will also make your posts easier to read, just like including images does. Both of these are easy ways to convey information to the reader.
  •    Videos. If you want to add something truly special to your blog, try creating videos. It’s not like every post should include one, but presenting a video from time to time will make your blog far more interesting. With all the video-editing software available on the web, this is certainly a doable thing. If you can’t make videos of your own, you can always attach some links from YouTube or a similar service.

Another feature to mention here is headings. While they are not a visual feature like images or videos, heading are still a major factor in attracting visitors to your blog.

The general rule is to make headings catchy and intriguing to your audience.

  •    Try using questions like “how to X?” or “how to do X right?” but be sure to ask questions your readers will care about.
  •    Stay simple and clear. Your headings should inform the reader about the post’s subject, not describe the whole article.
  •    Address your readers’ needs and problems. People surfing through the Internet are more likely to pay attention to your post if its heading addresses some issues that concern them.

What Should Blog Posts Look Like?

We have talked about your posts’ visual aspect, so now let’s discuss their content. Once users are interested in your blog, you should try to keep their interest with clever writing.

There are several simple principles to follow:

  1. Consistency and style. Generally, your posts’ format should be the same. This will make them easily recognizable and will shape the personal style of your blog. You can experiment with different styles later, but don’t go overboard if your blog isn’t very popular yet.
  2. Formatting. Avoid using too much bold and too many italics. They can be useful for highlighting important parts of a post, but they can also make the post harder to read. The same goes for using CAPITAL LETTERS.
  3. Structure. The principles of creating a good story apply to writing posts. Your post should contain a beginning or introduction, the primary information, and a conclusion.
  4. Paragraphs and subheadings. Readable articles present information divided into several sections rather than as one big chunk of text. Your post should include several paragraphs or subheadings, depending on its size.

Ways to Promote Your Blog for Free

There are several ways to promote your blog for free. The most common methods are:

  •    Good SEO + frequent posting. With each post you write, you increase your chances that readers will visit your, blog as having more keywords increases your blog’s chances of appearing in search engine results.
  •    Leaving comments. Writing comments (especially useful, interesting, or unusual ones) on forums related to the subject of your blog, as well as on similar blogs, will surely get you some attention.
  •    Creating social media accounts. Get your blog a social media account and add links to the posts you make on the blog. Popular platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn are the most useful for free blog promotion.

Best Places to Promote Your Blog for Free

You can use some services and resources on the Internet to make your blog more popular. The list of the best places to promote your blog for free includes:

  •    Reddit. Some rules and restrictions apply to subreddits, but Reddit is still one of the best free ways to promote your blog. Just be warned that Reddit isn’t the friendliest place on the web, and its users generally dislike outright promotions.
  •    YouTube. If you are good at making videos for your posts, you can create an entire YouTube channel. This will add traffic to your blog, as users interested in your videos are likely to see them in their YouTube feeds. Just don’t forget to leave links to your posts below the videos.
  •    Forums. On various forums, participate in discussions regarding the subject of your blog. Because you’re already familiar with the topic, it won’t be hard for you to throw in an interesting thought or two. Again, just add a visible link to your blog to your forum account and let the audience do the rest.

Tips for Promotion Success

As a final thought, here are some general blog promotion tips:

  1. Always stay tuned to your audience. Understanding what is on your readers’ minds is crucial for the success of your blog. Know the recent trends, read blogs similar to yours, and monitor the news regarding your blog’s subject. You’ll see what your audience might find interesting.
  2. Make partners. Be it through other blogs and channels on your topic, or almost unrelated partners, your blog could use cross-promotion. However, be careful, as too many promotional posts or links appearing in your blog can deter readers.

The best promotion methods for travel blogs


With the right promotion methods and clear goals in mind, any blog can get its fair share of readers. We hope this article was helpful. If you have any questions, you can check other articles on blog promotion, like this one on how to promote a blog for free and with paid methods.

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