Hacker Threatens To Livestream Deleting Zuckerberg’s Facebook Page Soon

Happening on Sunday


Hackers on the Internet are usually of two types: The dramatic ones that want clout and the world to know about their accomplishment and the silent ones who do their hacking and we get to know later from a company’s notice of a breech.

Well today we have the first kind showing what he can do with a bold claim. A hacker has announced that he will hack into the Facebook page of Facebook’s CEO and founder, Mark Zuckerberg as reported by Bloomberg.

The Taiwanese hacker, Chang Chi-uan who is a bug bounty hunter said that he’ll livestream this activity to delete Zuckerberg’s Facebook’s Page at 6pm local time, which is 11am GMT or 1pm EAT on Sunday.

He’ll apparently stream this endeavor on his Facebook page. “Broadcasting the deletion of FB founder Zuck’s account,” the 24 year old told his 26,000 followers on Facebook. This is interesting since just 3 days ago, he wrote on his Facebook page that we wants to be a ‘competent hacker’ and he’s ‘just bored’. Well, this bold move is quite the way to pass time for him.

Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook Page being the target fo hacks is not new. In 2016, he was hacked 3 times which included an attack by the infamous OurMine hacking group. Funny enough, one of the reasons he was hacked before was due to password reuse, and this is particularly dangerous for a person of Zuckerberg’s position.

Pretty sure Zuckerberg and the team have put up measures to make sure his Page is resilient to the hacking deadline

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