Android notifications

Android notificationsHere’s how to view your notification history on Android – this tip is for those who mistakenly swipe away a notification or more in your phone’s notification drawer unintentionally. This is good news for clumsy people.

In the notification log, you can get everything from text messages, emails and app updates. This comes in handy especially when you don’t know which app you need to open to get the missed alert. The notification log can’t be found in your normal settings.

Here’s how to get it:

  • Long press anywhere on your homescreen
  • Tap widgetsAndroid widgets
  • Scroll down until you see the settings shortcut
  • Tap notification logAndroid settings shortcut
  • Long press it to add it to your homescreen
  • Tap the widget and scroll through your past notificationsAndroid widget

For phones that don’t have the default log, you can download the Unnotification app. unnotification app

You can also get the Recent Notifications app to bring back your dismissed notifications and your notification history too recent notifications

All these methods are lifesavers when you’ve jammed through dismissing a couple of important notifications and help you go back in time to see what they were all about.